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Additional Pergola Side BlindsUpdated 5 months ago

Some of our most popular Pergola models come with 3 drops sides included. Due to the amount of requests we receive about adding a 4th blind, we have amended our design slightly to accommodate a 4th blind on some of our Pergolas.

The way we have done this is by having the fourth blind (on the long side) inset rather than outset.

Please note, the option to add a 4th blind is not available for our Wall Mounted or Steel Pergolas - it is only an option on our Aluminium models which have 3 drop sides already included.

Our inset side blinds are currently priced as follows:

- £499 for a 4m blind
- £349 for a 3m blind

If you are interested in adding this additional side blind, you can select this option on our website or, contact our customer services team at [email protected] or on 0330 808 1744 and we will process your order manually.

Please note, it is not possible to add a 4th blind to your order via our website.

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