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Cracks & Splits in Wooden FurnitureUpdated 7 months ago

All wooden furniture will naturally show signs of aging, you may begin to notice cracks or splits in the wood - this is part of the maturing process and is completely normal for wooden furniture. In this article we will provide you with further information on the natural ageing process of wooden products and reassure you that the cracks or splits which may develop do not compromise the longevity or strength of your furniture.

Cracks & Splits - why does this happen?

Wood reacts to changes in both humidity and temperature over time. Over the course of the year and throughout the different seasons, wood will begin to expand and contract as it adjusts to its new environment. It's this process (known as the maturing process) which leads to the cracking and splitting of wood. 

Will this make my furniture weaker?

The good news is that the cracks and the splitting of the wood is a completely normal and natural process which does not compromise the structural integrity of your furniture. They are considered to be purely superficial and the wood beneath the surface remains intact.

How to protect your wooden furniture?

To ensure the longevity of your wooden outdoor furniture, it's recommended to take some care and maintenance measures. Our content team has created a helpful video that offers advice on how to protect and maintain your wooden furniture. 

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