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How to care for your furniture?Updated 7 months ago

At Harbour Lifestyle, we understand the importance of keeping your furniture in pristine condition ensuring that you can enjoy your furniture for many years to come. To aid this process, we have put together a number of video tutorials on how to care for and maintain your furniture after your initial purchase. These informative videos cover numerous areas of furniture care including how to care for cushions during winter months and how to preserve items with teak or other wooden elements.

How to Protect and Store your Outdoor Cushions for the Winter

This guide provides an overview of how to clean and store cushions during the winter months ensuring they are kept fresh and comfortable for the upcoming season.

How to Protect and Store your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

Ever wondered what you should do with your furniture during the winter months? This video will guide you on how to clean, protect and secure your outdoor furniture in order to increase it's longevity.

How to Protect your Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Our beautiful wooden ranges add a natural look and feel to your outdoor space. With that said, wooden furniture requires a little more attention and care in order to withstand all the elements and age gracefully. This video provides great tips on how to clean, seal and address some issues which may arise if proper care is not taken from the outset. 

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