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Your feedback about our company and products always helps us to improve the quality of service that we provide to our customers.

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We encounter very few issues with our products & deliveries but very occasionally, things just don't go as planned. That's life!

At Harbour Lifestyle, alongside the quality of our products, we believe that how we deal with unexpected issues, is a true measure of the quality of our business.

We take great pride in our amazing Customer Service Team and in the unlikely event that there is an issue with your products or delivery, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible and we will work hard to rectify the problem as quicky as possible.

Submit a company review

If you wish to submit a service/company review, you can do this via Trustpilot. You can submit your review and/or view our Trustpilot page here: Submit a company review

Alternatively, we send out Trustpilot review emails after your products have been delivered so you can search for this via your email inbox.

Submit a product review

Should you wish to submit a review about one of our products, you can do this via the product page. Scroll down to the reviews section and press 'write a review' (as shown in the image below):

Alternatively, after you have made your product purchase and it has been delivered, we send an invitation to submit a review about that product via email.

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