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Washing your cushionsUpdated 8 months ago

Taking care of your cushions is so important when trying to maintain the appearance and longevity of your furniture. We receive a lot of questions regarding whether you can wash your cushion covers...and the good news is, in most cases you can! 

We've put together a little guide below to take you through our best tips on how to do this without causing damage to your covers.

How to wash your cushion covers?

If your cushion covers aren't pleated, then they are fairly easy to wash.

  1. Use a gentle cycle: whilst washing your cushion covers, we recommend setting your washing machine on a gentle or delicate cycle. This will prevent the risk of damaging the covers.
  2. Low temperature: when setting the temperature of the cycle, we recommend not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. This is the happy medium between effectively cleaning the cushions without exposing them to unnecessary heat.
  3. Don't tumble dry: high temperatures can lead to the materials shrinking and also damaging the fabric.
  4. Avoid radiators: avoid high temperatures and don't place your cushion covers on radiators for the same reasons mentioned above.

Re-assemble your cushion covers

After you have finished washing your cushion covers, we recommend putting them back over your cushions whilst they are still slightly damp. This will make the covers easier to put back over the cushion itself as the material is more pliable.

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