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Can I delay delivery on my order?Updated 5 months ago

We understand that plans can change and perhaps the expected delivery date for your items may not now be suitable. That's why we provide you with the flexibility to place orders on-hold for up to 1 month.

The process of putting items on hold is different depending on the stock status of your ordered products:

Delaying delivery of 'In Stock' Items

If you have ordered items which are currently shown as 'In Stock' on our website, please get in touch with us urgently. If you get in touch too long after placing your order, there is the chance that your items will have already been dispatched from our warehouse.

Therefore we encourage you to call our customer services team on 0330 808 1744 (rather than email us)We can then check whether your items have already been dispatched.

If your items haven't been dispatched, we will be able to place your order on hold until you are ready to accept delivery.

Delaying delivery of 'Pre-Order' Items

If your order contains items which are on 'pre-order', please send an email to our customer services team at [email protected]. If your items are on pre-order but the pre-order due date is only a few days away, we would recommend calling our our customer services team on 0330 808 1744 as there is the chance that your items may be being prepared for delivery already.

How do I remove/release my items from being on hold?

Please note. You will not have been able to specify a date you wished us to release your order for delivery when you originally place the order on hold.

So. when you are ready to accept delivery of your items, please notify our customer services team via email or phone. Once we release your order, the delivery process will begin and orders will take 7-10 working days (excluding bank holidays and weekends) to be delivered to your address.

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