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E-gift cardsUpdated 5 months ago

Please find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the purchase and use of our e-gift cards:

How can you purchase an e-gift card?

E-gift cards can be purchased in the same way that you would purchase a physical item from our website. You can purchase one our gift cards through the following link: Purchase e-gift card.

How long is it valid for?

E-gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase - if you try to redeem a gift card after this period, it will not be accepted.

Do you have to spend the whole amount in one go?

No - any amount that you have left after your first purchase can be used on any purchases in the future (as long as its within the 12 month validity period).

If there is a sale on, can I still use the gift card?

Yes, feel free to use the gift card as you please.

Can I split my payment for an order between gift card and card?

Yes - you can pay for some of the order using your gift card (the full amount will be deducted) and then pay for the remaining amount with your debit or credit card.

Can I apply a discount code when purchasing a gift card?

Unfortunately we do not allow for a discount code to be applied against the price of a gift card. In the scenario where you have a gift card along with other physical goods in your cart, the discount will only be applied against the physical items.

What happens if I want to return something which was paid for with a gift card?

If you purchased items using a gift card or combination of a gift card and a debit or credit card, the refunded amount will always go back to the payment method used by the purchaser of the gift card first.
If there is a remaining balance, then this will be refunded back to the other payment method. Refunds to card payments usually take up to 5 days to be processed.

Can I buy an e-gift card for someone else?

Yes - when making the purchase you can use your own details, you will receive the gift card by email. Simply then forward the email confirmation which includes the code onto whoever you purchased it for. 

Can I apply two e-gift cards to a purchase?

Yes - feel free to use as many e-gift cards against a single purchase as you wish.

Can I check my balance?

You can check your balance on the gift card page - the link to this page can be accessed in the email confirmation that you received when you purchased the gift card. Alternatively, get in touch with our customer services team via [email protected] and they will tell you what your balance is.

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