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Product Care & Maintenance

Learn how to care for your products with our comprehensive guides. Explore tips and techniques to ensure your items stay in perfect condition

Washing your cushions

Taking care of your cushions is so important when trying to maintain the appearance and longevity of your furniture. We receive a lot of questions regarding whether you can wash your cushion covers...and the good news is, in most cases you can!

Cracks & Splits in Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is quite unique in the sense that as it ages, you may begin to notice cracks or splits in the wood - this is part of the maturing process and is completely normal for wooden furniture. In this article we will provide you with...

How to care for your furniture?

At Harbour Lifestyle, we understand the importance of keeping your furniture in pristine condition ensuring that you can enjoy your furniture for many years to come. To aid this process, our amazing content team have put together a number of video...